When do I need to change the spark plugs


Any car (do not take into account the rapid development of electrical engineering on our roads) works on the same principle. Regardless of the fuel, the fire in the “heart” of the car pushes the engine piston, which transmits energy through a number of complex mechanisms and causes the wheel to rotate. To ignite this fire is required – fuel, oxygen and spark. In a diesel engine, the ignition process is different from a gasoline engine, but we’ll talk about diesel in a separate article.

Why do candles fail?

During long-term operation of the spark plug, under the influence of voltage up to 60 thousand volts and high temperatures in the combustion chamber, the central contact (electrode) burns out and the gap in the spark plug increases, going beyond the factory tolerance.

How do worn candles affect fuel consumption and car performance?

At first, the wear of the spark plug will start to affect under load conditions (during acceleration), misfire will appear, the spark in the motor will work intermittently. This means that the fuel that has squeezed in the combustion chamber just goes into the exhaust system, without ignition, that is, the tact went to idle, the fuel just fell into the chamber and flew from it into the exhaust pipe.

At idle this problem does not manifest itself in the early stages. The driver notices a drop in vehicle power during acceleration, and in constant mode (for example, driving on the highway) fuel consumption will increase, as you will need to press the pedal more to

maintain speed. Later, the car will begin to unstable work at idle, twitch. The situation worsens and the engine may not even start or you have to turn the starter for a long time to start it.

Candles for HBO, why do we need special candles?

Propane-butane gas engines are subject to higher temperature loads, due to the fact that the gas, during combustion, generates more heat than gasoline. Increased temperature in the combustion chamber leads to a decrease in the service life of the spark plug. Therefore, when installing gas, first of all you need to pick up suitable candles, with a long service life, for example, with an iridium rod and replace old candles immediately after installing HBO.

Spark plug change interval

If your car remains in pristine condition unchanged and engine tuning, then the standard candles of the average price category can withstand up to 30,000 kilometers. Platinum candles, the price segment of which is higher, will increase the replacement interval to 80,000 kilometers, and iridium, depending on the technology, can live up to 100,000 kilometers

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