Best use of the perfect Shoes

The shoe is an accessory that by definition comes “with or after what is main and essential”. This status does not imply that they do not deserve a place of choice in your wardrobes. On the contrary, shoes fulfill a role just as important as your clothes themselves, because the attention paid to a detail has an impact on the whole and gives you some pep.

So These are the Criteria For Choosing Your Shoes – What Are They?

You can lengthen your legs by wearing indented shoes on the front of the foot, like pump shoes – which will further refine your ankle. This type of shoes open on the front of the foot is preferred especially with your skirts or short dresses or knees. For the Jordan Shoes for Men this is an essential task now.

Choose low-cut shoes

This type of open shoes on the kick is however to proscribe with the pants, except possibly those with elephant legs, because see the flesh of the  foot, the bottom or the sock at the base of the barrel is not great elegant … then turn to a rising cut, moccasins, sneakers, thongs or boots / boots in the winter.

Criteria shoes boots pants

Choose a size of shoe, heel, straps according to your own stature and the size of your ankle.

Fine stature, fine ankles and calves go hand in hand with fairly thin shoes in the sole, the width of the heel.

Conversely, a woman with more corpulent legs and ankles stronger will need shoes whose volumes are in harmony with hers.

Also, shoes with a strap around the ankle are flattering only on thin legs and long, with ankles just as feminine and untied.

Criteria shoes details transversal

If your foot is long, turn to details, seams, and thongs that cross cut your foot in order to shorten it.

If your foot is wide, opt for vertical details in the direction of the length of the foot.

A tonal-colored shoe color with your pantyhose and skirt-dress or your pants, or a simple, classic shoe will help you grow by allowing the look to sweep your figure vertically – a contrast or very fantasy will draw the eye close to the ground and will therefore help to compact and / or shorten your legs – to see you according to your morphological needs.

Criteria choice shoes

I remind you that shoes are of course to choose “after” your outfit and not before – so the choice of style and dress code of your shoe is done with that of the outfit.

It’s Your Turn.

These tips are part of the many points taught in my training and that you will find developed in other free videos on colors, shapes and style, the 3 main axes of your look.

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