A brief guide to help you understand the technicality of the web designing

Do you want to build a new website or renew what you already have because you know it is a strategic asset for your company? Correct today a well made site is one of the best tools to get in touch with your audience. But to really work, to be effective, you have to build it carefully. Have you heard about web design? Doing research online you will have found acronyms, and difficult technicalities. Here is a brief guide with useful tips so you do not get lost.

An objective overview of the situation

There is around 4 billion internet user worldwide, accounting for 53% of the total population.  According to the February data, in Italy 22.7 million people have connected to the internet every day and, of these, 13 million have done it only as mobile (Source  Web Marketing Manager). These data are enough to understand the importance not only of having a website, but that this is functional, fast and usable by smartphones. This is what web design means it means, yes, designing sites, but above all it means doing it thinking of people. To get the best professional help seek help fromLinkHelpers Phoenix Website Design Company .

Web design requires, among the many figures

  • A UX expert (User Experience Designer) who works to improve usability, intuitiveness and interaction of a web page and therefore to increase user satisfaction.  The User Experience includes all aspects of the interaction between the end user and the brand  
  • a UI designer (User Interface design) that takes care of the graphic interface of the pages of a site and therefore of all the visual aspects such as font, scheme, colors and structure  
  • Backend developers whose main job is server and database programming.  
  • An expert in SEO that shows how to strengthen the visibility of your site, so that it is indexed and positioned among the first results in search engines.  The SEO, sometimes underestimated in the construction phase of a site, is instead strategic given the level of penetration of Google among Internet users (equal to 90%).  A nice site, but not well indexed by Google is a wasted investment.

These figures specialized in web design must be joined by others with different skills

For example you cannot think of creating a site without contacting a copywriter, both to avoid ugly (and trivial) spelling errors and to communicate with the right tone. Making web design, therefore, is a complex job that requires multi sector knowledge, an integrated way of thinking and strategy and a competent, aligned and complete work team.

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